Your Southern Belle, Nikki

Here is my no-frills breakdown to traveling inexpensively, modifying your home cheaply, and understanding business topics easily. In essence, this will be a lifestyle blog but I want to focus on topics that will help those individuals out there like me who weren’t born with a silver spoon and a LinkedIn full of high-profile connections. Why the southern belle moniker? I recently moved to the Pacific Northwest after spending three (yikes) decades in my beloved south. As a neophyte transplant, I often feel out of place in adapting to a new culture so different from my own. Southern belle is my anchor to my roots as I journey through this new phase in my life. So without further ado, let’s grow together no matter where or how you live. This ride will get a little rocky as we navigate through my failures and my triumphs. Hang on tight and I promise you’ll learn some cool things along the way. Feel free to send possible blog topics too. Let’s learn together!

With love,